What Our Clients Say


Angi has great political instincts! She and her staff worked tirelessly to make sure our message got out to the voters in the district. Because of their hard work and dedication, we were always working from a position of strength.
Will Barfoot
Angi is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. She and her team are committed to helping their clients win and to personalizing each campaign to the individual candidate.
Reed Ingram
“Angi and her team did an outstanding job leading my campaign for Mayor. Her staff was always very professional and guided us through a positive and very successful campaign.”
Mark Blankenship
It was a pleasure to have Angi working with us during my recent campaign for State Senate. Her efforts to help us get our supporters back to the polls in a run-off election were invaluable. Angi is in tune with what people on the street are thinking and used that knowledge to strategize getting my values and beliefs out to the people. The result was an informed electorate that was able to make good decisions.
Clyde Chambliss
I truly enjoyed working on my campaign with Virtus Solutions. Their professional approach gets the message out to the public in a clear, concise and creative way using many different media platforms. I believe they are the best in the business and I look forward to working with them again.
Rhett Marques
When looking for a consultant to assist with my campaign, the most important factors to me are integrity, experience, knowledge and the desire to win. I could not be happier with my choice of Angi Stalnaker and Virtus Solutions. They get the job done!
Ginny Shaver
In addition to being an extremely hard worker, Angi's knowledge of a variety of issues is very impressive. Because she was a key part of Governor Bentley's inner circle for so long, she has been exposed to a plethora of policy topics and she is a sponge of all of that information. She is able to take a complicated issue and explain it in a way that makes sense and I appreciate that about her.
Chris Sells
I have worked with Virtus Solutions and Angi Stalnaker on a variety of projects over the past 5 years. She continues to impress me with her work ethic, her knowledge of politics and her connections with grassroots leaders across the state. Angi has a way of making things happen. She has an ability to connect with grassroots leaders, political activists and elected officials that has proven effective over and over again.
Wes Allen
Angi is a MUST HAVE as a member of your campaign team! Her knowledge of politics and campaigns is unparalleled. She is constantly thinking outside the box of the best ways to reach voters in the most efficient, creative and cost-effective ways possible. She was the most valuable member of my campaign team, but more importantly, she became a friend and someone that I could lean on during the ups and downs of a campaign. To put it in simple terms, Angi Stalnaker is the best.
Stuart Smith
Dale County District Judge
“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Angi Stalnaker for over four years. As Governor Bentley’s Chief of Staff, Angi served as my Chief Executive Assistant. When I ran for Chief Justice of The Alabama Supreme Court she ran my campaign. I know her to be loyal and hard working. Angi has great insight into the political arena in Alabama; she is a well-informed, persuasive, well connected, and confident individual. I would say that Angi is a true professional; and over the years she has become a friend to me and my family.
Chuck Malone
Former Chief Justice
Having been elected three times as DA in St. Clair County, I thought I knew a thing or two about running a campaign. BUT, when I ran on a statewide basis, I knew I needed help. Angi knew exactly what to do, who I needed to see and how to get my message to the voters of Alabama with a limited budget. Without her and many others, I would not be an appellate judge today.
Judge Richard Minor
Alabama Appellate Court