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No election is too large or too small for Virtus Solutions because we believe all elections are important and the consequences of each election impact real people in real communities. That is why we are one of the few consulting firms that has a variety of clients ranging from small town Mayors to Senators on our client list. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every race is different, and no two candidates are the same. Each campaign that we manage is crafted uniquely for that client with the strengths and weaknesses of that candidate and the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in mind. Since our founder, Angi Horn, took on her first professional campaign position more than two decades ago, she has operated with the idea that every candidate deserves a top-notch, thought-out and aggressive campaign, regardless of the size of the electorate or the size of their budget. Virtus Solutions continues to operate on that mantra with every campaign. Because we operate as a full-service campaign firm with a small, but experienced staff, we are able to operate winning campaigns at a fraction of the cost that many would expect. Campaigns are expensive but we are always conscious of the fact that dollars are hard to raise and should be spent with the idea of squeezing a dime out of each penny.